lucid dreaming how to

The concept of Lucid Dreaming has been gaining a lot of attention as of late, it is the notion of being aware that you are dreaming. ‘Lucid’ is defined as being characterized by a clear perception and awareness. So, essentially, lucid dreaming is simply perceiving your dream state while you are asleep. It is widely believed that you can unlock your hidden creativeness through lucid dreaming.

Here are the steps involved with┬álucid dreaming how to. First, teach yourself to periodically test your consciousness. Ask yourself periodically throughout the day, “Am I dreaming?” This may sound silly, but by doing so on a regular basis, you will teach yourself to do this automatically, allowing your subconscious mind to do so as you sleep. The second step you should take to lucid dream is to create a dream journal. As soon as you wake up, you should scribble down as much as you can remember in your dream journal; it would enable you to slowly take control of your dream and consequently have more lucid dreams. Furthermore, this tells your brain that your goal is to remember your dreams, and eventually your brain will begin to record your dreams on its own.

Third, you must consider the timing of lucid dreaming. Studies have shown that lucid dreaming occurs most often in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, usually stage 5 within the sleep cycle. REM sleep is the culmination of the sleep cycle, which repeats approximately every 1.5 hours. Set your alarm clock for an interval of 1.5 hours after the time you will fall asleep.

When you wake up, remind yourself that “I will remember my dream,” or “I will know that I am dreaming.” This instructs your brain to be aware of your altered state of consciousness (dreaming) and will allow you to control your dreams. Doing these techniques over a few weeks will perfect your lucid dreaming method and make the process almost effortless. To what end you use your control is up to you. Note; the aim of a lucid dreamer is to have absolute control over every thing that occurs in the dream, imagine a director directing a movie; you are the director.

lucid dreaming how to

So get creative, solve a problem, perhaps go on a date, drive form the United States to Moscow, move to Hawaii for a few days or buy an underwater mansion. Why not? It’s only a dream.