traditional olive oil

The use of oils for hair is a tradition that has its roots in the old times. From time immemorial, oiling of the hair is considered a very beneficial idea to make ones hair long and healthy with a good length too. There have been various oils that are used for this purpose, like sesame oil, coconut oil, olive oil and herbal oil. All these oils have their own benefits that can improve your hair condition and look.

However olive oil is one kind of oil that has benefits for not only hair, but nails and skin as well. Almost from the time of our grandparents and other ancestors, the advantages of using olive oil are known to all. But now it is also used for beauty and care purposes. It is good for internal strength and also for the external outlook.

Many people consider the use of olive oil difficult because of its sticky texture, but interestingly if you mix it with yogurt or egg it will produce the best results and also the smell will go away automatically. Oils of all kinds are sticky in nature and texture but they are very useful if you look at their benefits and advantages. As, it is said that some diligence is needed if you want to attain the best of health.

The usage of olive oil must be done at least once a month and then preferably as much as you can besides that too. One can keep the hair oiled for as much as time as they want. There is no rule that one has to follow. So suit yourself and choose your own time durations.

The quality of the olive oil being used is also mandatory to a large extent. It will automatically determine the after results and if in case the quality is not up to the mark, the hair will damaged and can suffer from dryness and hair fall. The oil that is available in the market without any packing or packaging is automatically not hygienic but the packed and branded oils that are processed for better results; must be used.