how to use olive oil in cooking

There are many benefits of olive oil – it is used for skin treatment, baking and cooking several delicacies. Here are some ways by which you can cook with organic olive oil and enhance the taste of different foods.

Gourmet olive oil is very good for cooking purposes as it helps to balance the acidity levels of highly acidic foods such as vinegar, lemon juices and also tomatoes. Thus, if you add olive oil to the dishes where you are using such highly acidic foods, you can be assured of balancing out the taste.

Organic olive oil can be used in different marinades – you can use it in various fish, meat and vegetable recipes and enhance its taste. When you use gourmet olive oil in such marinades, you will notice that all the ingredients seep well into the dish – thereby enhancing its taste when cooked. You just need to add olive oil generously in the marinade and enjoy its benefits.

Benefits of olive oil in cooking can be felt, when you just drizzle it over salad recipes and mix it in different salad dressings. You will love the burst of flavor which olive oil renders to any cooking. You can try out drizzling organic olive oil in pasta and vegetable dishes and you will realize how the taste of the dish is enhanced more.

Gourmet olive oil also works as a healthy dip for your bread recipes. Instead of using fatty and cholesterol filled butter, you can pour some olive oil in a dish and add some quantity of balsamic vinegar in the dish. You can add it in the middle of the dish – it shall make the dish look very attractive. In fact you can easily add it in other dips to get other health benefits of olive oil.

You can enhance the taste as well as make your baked dishes healthier when you add organic olive oil and butter to them.

Just splash some olive oil on mashed or baked potatoes, along with roasted garlic. You will simply love the taste of mashed potatoes not to mention the exotic taste which you get from the dish.

You shall get the benefits of olive oil when you add it to different sauces. If you whisk the different ingredients or blend them, you will love the wonderful taste of the sauce. In fact, you can make a very hearty white bean dish with organic olive oil this Christmas. You just need to cook white beans, in garlic and some olive oil in a food processor. You can add some seasonings of your choice along with some of your favorite herbs. You will simply love the taste of the dish- not to mention the nutritional benefits.

Baking can be done in a better way when you are using gourmet olive oil. You can add olive oil to turkey, pork, beef and chicken as a part of your marinade before you roast or bake it. It shall make the meat tender and make it delicious to eat also.